Dr. Bonnie Barstow, played by actress Patrica McPherson, was KITT's mechanic during the first, third and fourth seasons of Knight Rider. Ever the professional, she was the one woman who seemed immune to Michael Knight's charm. Bonnie's role was small in the series, but she has a special place in the heart of nearly all Knight Rider fans. With that in mind, this website is creating a special place to celebrate our favorite mechanic, with new pics and sound files all month long.

Chariot Of Gold
An episode guide entirely from Bonnie's perspective

Boy, Has She Got Car Troubles
TV Guide article about Patrica McPherson

Bonnie's Photo Album
Random pics of Bonnie, updated 10/14

Halloween Knight
Bonnie goes Psycho!, updated 10/25

Deadly Knightshade
Bonnie falls for Lance Burton. updated 11/17

More coming soon!
Sound files:

That nut abuses KITT
KITT would breakdown without Bonnie
Even Michael Knight wouldn't eat that
Get caught between rock and a hard place
KITT always liked Bonnie better
Why are Michael and Bonnie lying to eachother?
Oxygen is great for the morning after
Bonnie should have been a surgeon
KITT did something stupid

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