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Knight of the Phoenix
Police officer Michael Long is given a new identity as Michael Knight and handed the keys to a futuristic, talking Trans Am.

Deadly Maneuvers
Michael investigates the suspicious traffic death of an Army colonel.

A Good Day at White Rock
While on vacation, Michael must stop a motorcycle gang from taking over a small town.

Slammin' Sammy's Stunt Show Spectacular
Michael and KITT enter a stunt show to prevent its owner from being forced out of business.

Just My Bill
Michael is assigned to protect an outspoken senator who has stepped on one too many toes.

Not a Drop to Drink
Land barons are stealing water from local farmers.

No Big Thing
Devon is arrested and jailed for a minor traffic violation.

Trust Doesn't Rust
Michael is assigned to stop KARR, an evil prototype of KITT programmed to survive at all costs- and now on the loose.

Inside Out
Michael poses as an infamous get-away driver to catch a militaristic group of thieves in the act.

The Final Verdict
Michael tries to get a nerdy accountant to help clear a friend of a murder chrage.

A Plush Ride
Michael attends a bodyguard school to prevent an assination attempt.

Forget Me Not
A young woman with amnesia may be the key to unraveling an assassination plot.

Hearts of Stone
Michael must stop an international gun-running operation.

Give Me Liberty...or Give Me Death
Michael and KITT enter an alternate-fuel race to stop the race from being sabotaged.

The Topaz Connection
The publisher of an adult magazine is killed when he threatens to publish an incriminating story.

Nice Little Indecent Town
A small quiet town is the center for a major counterfeiting operation.

Chariots of Gold
Bonnie is brainwashed and forced to reprogram KITT to assist in a robbery.

White Bird
Michael tries to help his former fiance, who is unaware of his new identity.

Knight Moves
Independent truckers are being hijacked.

Nobody Does it Better
Michael clashes with a naive private investigator while trying to find out who is stealing computer software secrets.

Short Notice
Michael kills a motorcycle gang member in self-defense, but the only witness won't testify unless Michael helps her recover her kidnapped child.

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