Season Two

David Hasselhoff, who stars as Michael Knight, driver of the computerized, indestructible car KITT, and fellow cast members Edward Mulhare and Rebecca Holden, open the new season of NBC's "Knight Rider" with a special episode airing Sunday, Oct. 2.

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Garthe Knight, Wilton Knight's evil son, creates a super truck covered with KITT's molecular bonded shell.

Brother's Keeper

Michael breaks a prisoner out of jail to prevent a terrorist from blowing up a bomb.

Merchants of Death
Michael and KITT battle an advanced attack helicopter.

Blind Spot
Michael tries to stop the exploitation of illegal aliens.

Return to Cadiz
Scuba divers discover a sunken treasure.

A cat burgler is on the prowl.

Custom KITT
KITT gets a face lift and enters a custom car show to track down car thieves.

Soul Survivor
A young computer whiz removes KITT's programming from the car, and uses the vehicle to attack an armored truck.

Ring of Fire
Michael and KITT travel to the Louisianna bayou and get trapped in a wild fire.

Michael gets amnesia and reverts to his former identity as Michael Long, police officer.

Silent Knight
A young gypsy boy causes trouble for Michael and KITT.

A Knight in Shining Armor
A young woman has a treasure map hidden in a locket given to her by her late father.

Diamonds aren't a Girl's Best Friend
A diamond smuggler uses models to bring jewels into the country.

White Line Warriors
A series of burglaries seems to coincide with a car club's late night street races.

Race for Life
Michael must convince a frightened gang member to donate his rare bone marrow to save April's niece.

Goliath Returns
Garth Knight returns with his super truck Goliath to seek revenge on Michael.

Speed Demons
Michael tries to stop a murder at a dirt bike race.

A Good Knight's Work
Michael's former identity is discovered by a criminal from his past, who wants to steal Wilton Knight's "wonder car".

Mouth of the Snake
A high-society woman and a loner gymnast team up as crime-fighters.

Let It Be Me
Michael is reunited with his former fiance as her rock band prepares to give a concert.

Big Iron
Large construction equipment is being stolen from a small business.

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