Season Three

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Knight of the Drones
Remote controlled vehicles nearly destroy KITT as a criminal plans to rob a bank by digging underground.

The Ice Bandits
Michael tracks down diamond thieves in a monestary.

Knights of the Fast Lane
Michael loses KITT in a street race as he tries to uncover stolen exotic cars.

Halloween Knight
Bonnie witnesses a murder in her new apartment building.

K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R.
KITT's evil prototype, K.A.R.R. returns to seek revenge.

The Rotten Apple
Michael tries to preserve a ranch for disturbed youths.

Knight In Disgrace
Michael goes undercover by being kicked out of the Foundation on charges of drug possession and becomes a freelance crime driver.

Lost Knight
KITT loses his memory and befriends a young boy who can identify 2 crooks planning to blow up a dam.

Knight of the Chameleon
A master of disguise steals a top-secret jet pack.

Cutom Made Killer
Michael learns about the garment industry as he tries to organize a group of independent business owners to stand up against a man trying to take them all over by force.

Knight by a Nose
The death of a racehorse is faked so the owner can sell the horse and keep all the profits.

Junkyard Dog
KITT is thrown into a toxic waste dump and is nearly completely destroyed.

Michael agrees to to be a test driver to help a small company demonstrate their armor-plated limousines which have been sabotaged.

Michael tries to stop a terrorist threatening to blow up a building.

The Nineteenth Hole
Michael and KITT enter a race to stop a planned sabotage.

Knight and Knerd
Michael must protect a brilliant but nerdy electronics whiz.

Ten Wheel Trouble
Michael tries to protect independent truckers whose shipments have been hijacked.

Knight in Retreat
Michael poses as a scientist to go to a retreat hosted by women planning to steal space weapons.

Circus Knights
Michael and KITT join a circus to keep the privately-owned organization from being taken over.

Knight Strike
Michael must recover stolen weapons from a weapons convention.

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