Season Four

A new KITT supercar (bottom) will be unveiled in the fourth season opener of the NBC-TV action-adventure series Knight Rider, title Knight of the Juggernaut, Froday Sept. 20 (8-10pm) on NBC-TV. After being being demolished (top, left), KITT undergoes major reconstruction by a team of street-wise mechanics. What emerges is a newer, more powerful KITT, equipped with some unique surprises for road partner, Michael Knight (series star David Hasselhoff, top right).

'Knight Rider' to ride $250,000 new car

NEW YORK (UPI)-David Hasselhoff will be getting new wheels when "Knight Rider" returns to NBC this fall-at a reported cost of $250,000.

When the show makes its debut in its new slot on the schedule-Friday's from 8-9 p.m.-Hasselhoff's costar, supercar K.I.T.T., will be nearly destroyed and so will have to be totally rebuilt.

The new version of K.I.T.T. will be another tarted-up Pontiac TransAm, which is what Hasselhoff has been driving all along, but it will boast all kinds of new powers including super pursuit capabilities and super breaking modes. A nose extender will stretch out when the car is in its super pursuit mode.

Trade circles in Hollywood say the souped-up car cost the producers a quarter of a million dollars.

Most important to "Knight Rider" fans-the voice of K.I.T.T. remains William Daniels, which may be the car's most significant asset.

Season One Season Two Season Three Season Four

Knight of the Juggernaut
KITT is destroyed by an armored truck with a battering ram, and is rebuilt by a gang of street-wise mechanics.

First a young woman doing research on KITT is kidnapped, then KITT disappears as well.

Sky Knight
Bonnie is on a plane which is hijacked and forced to land at a military installation.

Burial Ground
Michael tries to help an Indian tribe keep their land when land developers try to move in.

The Wrong Crowd
A gang of small-time thieves hijack the Foundation Semi and use its computers to steal an advanced attack vehicle.

Knight Sting
KITT is turned into an exotic-looking car to prevent a deadly toxin from leaving the country.

Many Happy Returns
Michael and KITT battle an attack hovercraft.

Knight Racer
Michael helps Bonnie's friend, a race mechanic whose race car has been sabotaged

Knight Behind Bars
Michael tries to uncover a prison smuggling operation.

Knight Song
Michael and RC3 return to RC's old neighborhood which is struggling to bebuild itself.

The Scent of Roses
After being nearly fatally wounded, Michael quits the foundation to marry his long-time love Stevie.

Killer K.I.T.T.
A former Foundation worker gains access to KITT and reprograms him to attack during a Foundation-sponsored banquet.

Out of the Woods<
A small logging company is selling wood from illegally cut trees.

Deadly Knightshade
Bonnie starts to fall for a stage magician whom Michael suspects is a murderer.

Redemption of a Champion
Michael tries to stop a former boxer from entering the ring again.

Knight of a Thousand Devils
A murderer tries to leave the country by entering a dune-buggy race.

Hills of Fire
Michael investigates suspicious fires in a national park.

Knight Flight to Freedom
Michael faces a lava flow and a firing squad when he tries to rescue political prisoners during a third-world nation revolt.

Fright Knight
Mysterious accidents plague a movie set.

Knight of the Rising Sun
A young boy is kidnapped by a Japanese cult.

Voo Doo Knight
A Voo Doo princess turns people into zombies to commit crimes for her.

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