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Supercar KITT -And Look What
They've Done To It!
By Timothy Carlson
TV Guide

The spiffy new KITT

Left: Hasselhoff and Mulhare with the old KITT (photo by Robert Phillips)
Right: Hasselhoff with his new costar, Susan Norman (photo by Paul Drinkwater)

NBC is scheduled to present "Knight Rider 2000" Sunday, May 19. 9-11 P.M. (ET). Check local listings for time and channel in your area.

Beloved old series never die; they come back in sweeps months as TV-movies. This week. it's Knight Rider's turn. David Hasselhoff returns as crime-fighting Michael Knight, Edward Mulhare reprises his series role as Michael's Knight Foundation boss, Devon, and William Danlels is again on hand to provide the voice of KITT. Knight's computer-controlled car.

What isn't back is the souped-up black Trans Am Hasselhoff blazed to glory in between 1982 and 1986. As this movie begins-in the year 2000-that car has been dismantled and recycled. However, Michael's new set of wheels, the Knight 4000, is everything a 2lst- century hero could ask for. We'll show you ...

You say you want looks? The ultra-aerodynamic Knight 4000 has a black top and black- tinted windows, standard. Color? Deep red. Cars like this, my friend, only come in red.

Under the hood, we have a 3-liter, 300-horsepower engine that goes from 0 to 300 (this baby's top speed) in the wink of an eye. Flame-throwers and infrared sensing devices are also standard. So's the talking computer, which - of course - sounds like William Daniels and tends to treat the driver as if he were a nincompoop.

Concerned about Earth's fragile ecology? Don't be. The Knight 4000 runs on non- polluting hydrogen fuel refined from gases emitted by algae fields.

But wait! The best is yet to come. Just slip behind the wheel and take a gander at the options this baby comes with...

The Virtual Reality feature is inspired by the simulators Navy and Air Force jets used in the Persian Gulf War. When you look through the windshield, you're actually watching a computer-enhanced simulation that shows the road, the topography and, of course, any target vehicles you may be pursuing.

Thermograph Analysis zeroes in on those target vehicles and analyzes the heat properties and audio characteristics of their passengers. Thermograph Capability can even see through walls and mountains.

Digital Sampling analyzes voice patterns. The beauty of this option is that it can re-create any voice it "hears." In the movie. Knight and his new partner, former policewoman Shawn McCormick (Susan Norman), use this Rich Little gimmick to get the drop on one of the bad guys.

Let's talk weapons systems. Old-fashioned cops jst shot out the tires of fleeing villains. The Knight 4000 has a Thermal Expander, which heats up the air inside the tires on the fleeing car-and explodes them.

And don't overlook our Hydrofoil Capability, which allows the Knight 4000 to turn into a speedboat. You never know when you'll need this option.

If you'd feel safer with a driver's side airbag, buy a Korean car. The Knight 4000 takes safety into the next century with its Collision Factor Analyzer. This computer goodie lets you know when it's safe to run a red light or weave through incoming traffic at high speed. Just consult the computer read-out; if it's 2.8 or under - go for it!

And finally, thanks to our special network-to-dealer incentives, we're able to throw in the fax machine, vision phone and three high-definition video monitors for nothing.

The only reason you can't (for a low, low down payment) drive this baby off the lot today is that we're waiting for a decision from NBC. If this new Knight Rider takes off with the viewing public, there's a chance it could be back as a series (or perhaps as a series of Knight Rider TV-movies). In either instance, the car would be busy.

If it doesn't get a series commitment, maybe we can do business. In the meanwhile, can we show you something in a Batmobile?

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