In this futuristic, cyber-tech tale (which borrows the title but little else from the 1980s NBC series), a smuggler (Richard Joseph Paul) and his U.S. marshal brother (Michael Beach) team up to avenge their father's murder.
Hannah: Heidi Leick. Jared: Brion James.

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From TV Guide

Knight Rider is returning after a sex change. The '80s NBC series featuring KITT, the crime-fighting, high-tech, male-voiced talking car with attitude, is being revamped. "Knight Rider 2010," a two-hour TV-movie, starts shooting this spring. KITT comes back redesigned, with a female voice, and without David Hasselhoff, the show's former star. The movie is being cast by new producers, veteran action-adventure filmmakers John Badham and Rob Cohen. "It will be an unrequited love story between a man and his machine," says Cohen. "We're reinventing the show, just as (director) Tim Burton reinvented the classic Batman character for his movie."

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